Fast Forward Family Reunion Wilshire 10 Rail Jam Results

1: Tommy Sandoval

Tommy Sandoval
Sponsors: Zero, Krux, LRG, Ricta, Mob Grip, 9five, Westside Skateshop, Bones Swiss
Hometown: Chula Vista, CA
Notes: $15,000
Tommy Sandoval Gunslinger Deck N/A Tommy Sandoval Gunslinger Deck $50.00

2: Darrell Stanton

Darrell Stanton
Sponsors: Element, Theeve, Diamond, Furnace Skate Shop, Grizzly Grip
Hometown: Houston TX
Notes: $8,000

3: Gailea Momolu

Gailea Momolu
Sponsors: Darkstar, LRG(flow), Ransom, Osiris
Hometown: Vancouver BC
Notes: $3,000

4: Garrett Hill

Garrett Hill
Sponsors: Filament Brand, Theeve, Active, Ashbury, Pig Wheels
Hometown: Vista, CA
Notes: $3,000

5: Erik Ellington

Erik Ellington
Sponsors: Deathwish, Supra, Thunder, KR3W, Spitfire, Mob Grip, Active, Shake Junt, Brigada Eyewear
Hometown: Los Angeles CA
Notes: $1,200
Erik Ellington The Dancer Deck N/A Erik Ellington The Dancer Deck $50.00
Erik Ellington Eat The Rude Deck N/A Erik Ellington Eat The Rude Deck $50.00
Deathwish Inc. Deck N/A Deathwish Inc. Deck $40.00

6: Ernie Torres

Ernie Torres
Sponsors: Real, Fallen, Brixton, Spitfire, Thunder, Escapist
Hometown: Tulsa OK
Notes: $1,000

7: Ryan Sheckler

Ryan Sheckler
Sponsors: Plan B, Independent Trucks, Etnies, Grizzly Grip, Oakley, Red Bull, Diamond, Ethika, Melin, Spitfire
Hometown: San Clemente CA
Notes: $1,000

8: Greg Lutzka

Greg Lutzka
Sponsors: Darkstar skateboards ,RockStarEnergy Osiris Shoes, Ricta Wheels, Mob Grip Independent Trucks, FKD Bearings, Ethika, kickerAudio, Nectar, Onnit, RockwellWatches ,Hucksupply, OCRamps, HarleyDavidson
Hometown: Milwaukee WI
Notes: $1,000
Greg Lutzka Gamechanger Insoles N/A Greg Lutzka Gamechanger Insoles $45.00

9: Sean Malto

Sean Malto
Sponsors: Girl, Nike SB, Spitfire, Escapist, Thunder, Diamond, Fourstar, Oakley, Grizzly Grip, Skull Candy, Mountain Dew, GoPro
Hometown: Kansas City KS
Notes: $750
Sean Malto '93 Til Infinity Deck Blue Sean Malto '93 Til Infinity Deck $50.00
Sean Malto Tiki OG Deck N/A Sean Malto Tiki OG Deck $50.00
Sean Malto Twisted OG Deck N/A Sean Malto Twisted OG Deck $50.00

10: Evan Hernandez

Evan Hernandez
Sponsors: KR3W, Ice Cream, DGK, Fury Trucks, and Zennitti Rims
Hometown: Long Beach CA
Notes: $750

11: Chima Ferguson

Chima Ferguson
Sponsors: Volcom, Vans, Thunder, Spitfire, Real, Supply Shop, Happy Hour Shades
Hometown: Sydney Australia
Notes: $500
Chima Ferguson Allergies Deck Assorted Woodgrain Chima Ferguson Allergies Deck $50.00

12: JT Aultz

JT Aultz
Sponsors: Real, Osiris, Split, Thunder, Spitfire, IG Boardshop
Hometown: San Diego CA
Notes: $500

13: Kolby Petrus

Kolby Petrus
Sponsors: Woly Board Shop, Embassy Skateboards
Hometown: Dallas TX
Notes: $500

14: Shane Azar

Shane Azar
Sponsors: Volcom, Electric, DVS, Red Bull, PSC, Xen, Theeve
Hometown: Sydney
Notes: $500

15: Chris Cole

Chris Cole
Sponsors: DC Shoes and Apparel, Monster Energy, Plan B skateboards, GoPro, Spitfire Wheels, Thunder Trucks, Grizzly Griptape, Bones Bearings, Stance socks, Kershaw Knives, Reign Skate Shop, Cult Crew
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Notes: $500
Chris Cole Street Deck N/A Chris Cole Street Deck $50.00

16: Kechaud Johnson

Kechaud Johnson
Sponsors: Etnies, Neff, Kicker, Citystars, Rhythm skateshop, Krux, Ricta wheels
Hometown: Dallas TX
Notes: $100

17: Corey Denomey

Corey Denomey
Sponsors: Reliance Skateboards, KKSM, Livin It, Fast Forward
Notes: $100

18: Shawn Kelly

Shawn Kelly
Notes: $100

19: Tony Froude

Tony Froude
Sponsors: Scarecrow, Globe Footwear, Volcom
Hometown: Huntington Beach CA
Notes: $100

20: Malcolm Watson

Malcolm Watson
Sponsors: 100 Percent, Jim Thiebaud (flow)
Hometown: Los Angeles CA
Notes: $100