Matix Lord of the Lines Best Trick Finals Results

1: Ronnie Creager

Sponsors: Etcetera, Theeve, Bones Wheels, Mob Grip
Hometown: Orange CA
Notes: Switch flip switch nose manual on the manny pad, Switch back lip on the flat bar, Switch manual switch heelflip out on the upledge

2: Joey Brezinski

Sponsors: Cliche, Crupie, Diamond, Andale Bearings, Val Surf, Red Bull, Skatepark of Tampa Party Team, Tensor, Ollo Clip, Grizzly, Footprint
Hometown: Venice CA
Notes: Half cab flip manual backside 180 out on the manny pad, Backside tailslide to fakie on the flat bar, Fakie ollie manual fakie flip out on the upledge

3: Dennis Busenitz

Sponsors: Real, Volcom, Spitfire, Thunder, adidas, Brick Harbor, Water - Drink of the Gods
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Notes: 360 flip manual on the manny pad, 50-50 on the flat bar, Backside noseblunt slide to fakie on the upledge