Tampa Pro 2007 Street Best Trick Results

1: Stefan Janoski

Stefan Janoski
Sponsors: Asphalt Yacht Club, Habitat, Venture, Nike SB, Mob, Bones Bearings, Glassy, Official
Hometown: Vacaville CA
Notes: Swich flip crooked grind on the rail
Stefan Janoski Melange Deck N/A Stefan Janoski Melange Deck $50.00
Stefan Janoski Max L Shoes Blue Graphite/ Metallic Silver/ Pink Stefan Janoski Max L Shoes $110.00
Zoom Stefan Janoski Shoes Light Bone/ Team Red/ White Zoom Stefan Janoski Shoes $80.00

2: Gailea Momolu

Gailea Momolu
Sponsors: Darkstar, LRG(flow), Ransom, Osiris
Hometown: Vancouver BC
Notes: Nollie heelflip back tail on the hubba

3: Adam Dyet

Adam Dyet
Sponsors: Darkstar, Rockstar, Bones Wheels, Independent, Skatepark of Tampa Party Team, BC Surf and Sport
Hometown: Salt Lake City UT
Notes: Kickfilp bsts big spin out on the rail
Adam Dyet Turtles STF V1 Wheels Green Adam Dyet Turtles STF V1 Wheels $32.00

4: Greg Lutzka

Greg Lutzka
Sponsors: Darkstar, Rockstar, Indy, FKD, Ricta, Kicker, Mob Grip, OC Ramps
Hometown: Milwaukee WI
Notes: Frontside halfcab flip front board fakie on the rail

5: Billy Marks

Billy Marks
Sponsors: Toy Machine, Fallen Footwear, Thunder, Mob Grip, Skatepark of Tampa Gambling Team, Pig, LRG, Reign, Vitamin Water, Good Not Great
Hometown: Corona CA
Notes: Switch big heel lipslide on the rail
Billy Marks Butterfly Deck N/A Billy Marks Butterfly Deck $50.00