Mystic Cup 2007 Prague Street Finals Results

1: Daniel Viera

Daniel Viera
Sponsors: Oakley, Stand Up Shoes and Clothing, Broken, LG, Face Grip, Oxx Place, New Era
Hometown: Curitiba Brazil

2: Kilian Heuberger

Kilian Heuberger
Sponsors: Trap Skateboards, Vox, Indy, Autobahn, Ogio
Hometown: Munich Germany

3: Wagner Ramos

Wagner Ramos
Sponsors: Hurley, Globe Shoes, Fury Trucks, Type S Wheels, Randoms
Hometown: Brazil

4: Ricardo Oliveira Assis

Ricardo Oliveira Assis
Sponsors: Volcom, Plasma, Oakley, Nata, Vibe Decks, Connexion (flow)
Hometown: Cáceres GO

5: David Gravette

David Gravette
Sponsors: Creature, Independent, Bones Wheels, Shrunken Head Skate Shop, C1RCA, Skatepark of Tampa Party Team, Lucky Bearings, Puffing Glass Studios
Hometown: Issaquaa WA

6: Thomas Vintr

Thomas Vintr
Sponsors: Vans, Vehicle, Stereo, Theeve, Ricta, Flip Skate Shop, Monster, Jessup
Hometown: Prague Czech Republic

7: Axel Cruysberghs

Axel Cruysberghs
Sponsors: Toy Machine, Bro Style, Independent Trucks, New Balance Numeric, Volcom Europe, Red Bull, SBQ, Electric, Skull Candy
Hometown: Poperinge Belgium

8: Peter Molec

Peter Molec
Sponsors: Antiz skateboards, DC, Independent Trucks, Picnic Skate Shop, Skullcandy
Hometown: Zvolen Slovakia

9: Sai Tetsuharu

Sai Tetsuharu
Sponsors: Duh! International Sk8rds, I.N.G. Sk8brding
Hometown: Okinawa Japan

10: Danny Cerezini

Danny Cerezini
Sponsors: Puma, Silver, FKD, BLVD Skateboards, Bones, Grizzly Grip, Glassy Sunhaters, Diamond,
Hometown: Long Beach, California

11: Reini Rietsch

Reini Rietsch
Sponsors: Cromax Shoes, Creme Skateboards, Love Clothing
Hometown: Austria

12: Arnost Ceral

Arnost Ceral
Sponsors: Horsefeathers, Osiris, Nixon, AWS, Reflex, Street Market
Hometown: Prague Czech Republic

13: Frederik Austbo

Frederik Austbo
Sponsors: Quiksilver, etnies, Nixon, SR Bank, Sessions Skate Shop
Hometown: Stavanger, Norway Norway

14: Fabio Sleiman

Fabio Sleiman
Sponsors: Qix International, Subvert, Conexxion Wheels, Central Surf, Companhia Athletica
Hometown: San Paulo Brazil

15: Ondrej Leskoviansky

Ondrej Leskoviansky
Sponsors: Quiksilver, Lando, Creme, Independent, Auropa
Hometown: Slovakia

16: Willy Akers

Willy Akers
Sponsors: 5boro, OJ, Ax Throwers, Kinetic Skateshop, Emerica, Lucky Bearings, Lacolombe Coffee Company, Independent
Hometown: Wilmington DE

17: Javier Sarmiento

Javier Sarmiento
Sponsors: Volcom, Nixon, Stance Skateboard Shop, Bones, Grizzly Grip, Sk8mafia, Supra
Hometown: Vitoria Spain

18: Lucas Carvalho aka Xaparral

Lucas Carvalho aka Xaparral
Sponsors: Element, Emerica, Indy, Mob Grip, Andale Bearings, Glassy Sun Haters, Lojas Sam
Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil

19: Lukas Danek

Lukas Danek
Sponsors: Quiksilver, Nike,, Love Skateboards, Surivra Wheels
Hometown: Prague Czech Republic

20: Fries Taillieu

Fries Taillieu
Sponsors: Gravis, Analog, Zumiez, Komono, Jart Skateboards
Hometown: Lauwe Belgium