Tampa Am 2004 Sunday Street Finals Results

1: Sierra Fellers

Sierra Fellers
Sponsors: SPLIT Clothing, Venture, Foundation, CCS, Dakine, Bones Wheels, Arnette, RPM
Hometown: Whitefish MT
Notes: His amazing, perfect run in the Finals went like this: kickflip the pyramid, laser flip the hip, kickflip back lip on the big rail, big grin while skating across the course, kickflip up the step up and over the rail, nollie boardslide on the step-up rail, more smiles, heelflip up the step up, use a nosepick stall on the small quarter to set up for a nollie crook down the long hubba, 360 flip on flat, nollie backside flip on flat, fakie flip on flat, hands in the air, crowd comes and swarms, he wins Tampa Am.
Sierra Fellers Vintage STF V2 Wheels White Sierra Fellers Vintage STF V2 Wheels $32.00
Sierra Fellers Bronco STF V2 Wheels Black Sierra Fellers Bronco STF V2 Wheels $32.00

2: Torey Pudwill

Torey Pudwill
Sponsors: DVS, Venture, Grizzly grip, Plan B, Diamond, Red Bull, CCS, Select Wheels, Bones Bearings, Dakine, Nixon, Markisa, Primitive, Happy Hour Shades, Loud Headphones, Skatelab
Hometown: Simi Valley CA
Torey Pudwill Signature True Deck N/A Torey Pudwill Signature True Deck $50.00
Torey Pudwill Cropped Deck N/A Torey Pudwill Cropped Deck $50.00
Torey Pudwill Grizzly Hollow Light Truck Green Torey Pudwill Grizzly Hollow Light Truck $30.00

3: Danny Morrin

Danny Morrin
Sponsors: DVS, Seed, Nixon, Dakine, Project, Hurley, Pro Skateboard Shop
Hometown: Tuckerton NJ

4: Kurtis Colamonico

Kurtis Colamonico
Sponsors: Kontrol Wheels, Furnace Skateshop, JW Motor Sports, Ink Works Tattoo Shop, Kicker Sounds, Diamond, Venture, Daggers, Mophie, Blessed Individuals, Team BK, Common Knowledge
Hometown: Long Beach CA

5: Danny Rosario

Danny Rosario
Sponsors: Connexion Wheels, Amount, Vans, Everlong Bearings
Hometown: Curitiba Brazil

6: Trevor Dunnett

Trevor Dunnett
Sponsors: Toy Machine, Anti-Social, Vans, 1984 Clothing
Hometown: Ludlow VT

7: Collin Provost

Collin Provost
Sponsors: Toy Machine, Emerica, Volcom, Thunder, Spitfire, Happy Hour Shades
Hometown: Huntington Beach CA
Collin Provost Hellrider Deck N/A Collin Provost Hellrider Deck $50.00
Collin Provost Vista Sunsets Sunglasses Blue Collin Provost Vista Sunsets Sunglasses $14.00
The Provost Shoes Dark Navy Suede/ White The Provost Shoes $64.00

8: Andrew Pott

Andrew Pott
Sponsors: Famous Stars and Straps, Kontrol Wheels, Warning Skate Shop, Black Bear Energy Drink, Dogtown
Hometown: Inglewood CA

9: Phil Trotter

Phil Trotter
Sponsors: Adidas, Nixon, Cals Pharmacy, Shorty's, Black Panther, Venture, Black Magic
Hometown: Portland OR

10: Frederik Austbo

Frederik Austbo
Sponsors: Quiksilver, etnies, Nixon, SR Bank, Sessions Skate Shop
Hometown: Stavanger, Norway Norway

11: Anthony Shetler

Anthony Shetler
Sponsors: World Industries, All I Need, Thunder, Autobahn, Stelth, Solstice Skate Shop, No Problemo, FKD
Hometown: New Bedford Chen Du

12: Jared Lee

Jared Lee
Sponsors: Untitled Skateboards, DC (flow), Red Hatchet
Hometown: Waynesville NC