Tampa Pro 2008 Street Best Trick Results

1: Adam Dyet

Adam Dyet
Sponsors: Darkstar, Bones Wheels, Independent, Skatepark of Tampa Party Team, BC Surf and Sport, Colaltree Tree
Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT
Notes: Nollie cab heelflip to switch front board over the A-frame rail

2: Jereme Rogers

Jereme Rogers
Sponsors: Selfish, Swiss, Venture
Hometown: Boston MA
Notes: Switch heelflip switch switch blunt slide over the A-frame rail

3: Chad Fernandez

Chad Fernandez
Sponsors: Brooklyn Projects Skate Shop, Indy
Hometown: Los Angeles CA
Notes: Fakie flip lipslide fakie down the rail

4: Billy Marks

Billy Marks
Sponsors: Toy Machine, Filament Brand Footwear, Thunder, Mob Grip, Skatepark of Tampa Gambling Team, Pig Wheels, Good Not Great, Active Rideshop, Bones Swiss
Hometown: Corona CA
Notes: 3 flip noseslide on the flat bar, double flip boardslide fakie on the flat bar, half cab flip boardslide down the handrail

5: Dayne Brummet

Dayne Brummet
Sponsors: Premium Skateboards, Bones Wheels and Bearings, Willy's Workshop
Hometown: Chicago IL
Notes: Switch frontside 270 to frontside bluntslide down the rail