Tampa Am December 2008 Sunday Street Best Trick Results

1: Austyn Gillette

Austyn Gillette
Sponsors: HUF, WKND Skateboards, Small Wheels, Thunder, Liberty Board Shop
Hometown: Brea, CA
Notes: Backside bigspin backside tailslide to fakie on the ledge
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2: Brent Sowinski

Brent Sowinski
Sponsors: West Side, Nike SB, Bones, Indy, starbucks flow
Hometown: Clearwater FL
Notes: Backside tailslide big flip out on the ledge

3: Gilbert Crockett

Gilbert Crockett
Sponsors: Venue Skate Shop, Quasi, Indpendent, Vans, Spitfire
Hometown: Richmond VA
Notes: Kickflip backside smith grind backside 180 out on the ledge
Maxdog Deck Green Maxdog Deck $55.00

4: Ricardo Paterno

Ricardo Paterno
Sponsors: Adidas, Cliche, Spitfire, Thunder, Seven Ply Skate Shop, Alfredo Gonzales, Skate Store
Hometown: Rotterdam Netherlands
Notes: Crooked grind nollie halfcab flip out on the ledge

5: Riley Hawk

Riley Hawk
Sponsors: Lakai, Baker, Spitfire, Independent, Happy Hour Shades, Asphalt Yacht Club
Hometown: Carlsbad CA
Notes: Backside smithgrind kickflip out on the ledge
Riley Hawk Monsters Deck N/A Riley Hawk Monsters Deck $50.00
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