Volcom ASR Escalator Best Trick Results

1: David Loy

Sponsors: Birdhouse, Ricta, Mob, Krux, Active, Glassy, Diamond, Bones Swiss
Hometown: Santa Ana, CA
Notes: $1,000 – smith grind up the escalator to gap to tailslide on the extension…and he really slid it.

2: Andrew Langi

Sponsors: Flip Skateboards, LRG, Vans, Indy, Dakine, Bones Wheels, Mob Grip, Diamond Supply Co., Momentum Ride Shop, Meiste Watches
Hometown: Redwood City CA
Notes: $800 – he did several grinds up the escalator to gap over the channel onto the extension, including fs 5-0, nosegrind, and feeble.

3: Shawn Hale

Sponsors: Birdhouse, Indy, Orbs, Glassy, New Balance, Bone Swiss, MOB
Hometown: Joplin, Missouri
Notes: $500 – gap from extension to fs feeble down the escalator.

4: Dan Pensyl

Sponsors: Nike, 5boro, Spitfire, Thunder, Volcom, Brixton
Hometown: Brooklyn NY
Notes: $400 – gap from extension to feeble fakie down the escalator.

5: Ryan Reyes

Sponsors: Creature, KR3W, Bones wheels Glassy, Bronson Speed Co., YEAH!
Hometown: Costa Mesa, CA
Notes: $300 – gap from extension to bluntslide down the escalator.