Tampa Am 2009 Best Trick Results at Skatepark of Tampa.com

Tampa Am 2009 Best Trick Results

1: Matt Berger

Sponsors: Flip, Etnies, BONES Wheels, Monster, Thunder, MOB Grip
Hometown: BC Canada
Notes: Backside 180 switch front crook, fakie flip out on the ledge.

2: Dan Plunkett

Sponsors: Skate Mental, Stratosphere, HUF, Spitfire, Thunder, Sunday, Wal Mart, Chick-Fil-A, Dickies, Bender Hardware
Hometown: Buffalo NY
Notes: Ollie up, gap to lip on the rail.

3: Chris Mendes

Sponsors: Active Ride Shop
Hometown: Moreno Valley CA
Notes: 360 flip nose manual, nollie heelflip out.

4: Gilbert Crockett

Sponsors: Venue Skate Shop, Quasi, Indpendent, Vans, Spitfire
Hometown: Richmond VA
Notes: Kickflip back smith up the big part of the granite ledge.

5: Daniel Rodriguez

Sponsors: Laced Clothing, Kontrol wheels, 9five eyewear, sdskateboarding.com, mannyslaysall.com
Hometown: Chula Vista CA
Notes: Nollie hard flip feeble grind on the rail.