Copenhagen Pro 2011 Best Trick Results

1: Chris Pfanner

Chris Pfanner
Sponsors: Vans, Spitfire, Thunder, Anti-Hero, Volcom, Nixon, Eastpack
Hometown: Kennelbach Austria
Notes: Backside flip melon grab over the car and to flat, rode away with a broken board. $2,500

2: Chris Cole

Chris Cole
Sponsors: DC Shoes & Apparel, Monster Energy, GoPro, Electric Eyewear, Kershaw Knives, Bones Swiss Bearings, Grizzly Grip, Spitfire, Thunder, Cult, Stance, Reign, Plan B
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Notes: Switch 360 flip over the car. $1,500
Chris Cole Split Deck N/A Chris Cole Split Deck $50.00
Chris Cole Anatomy Deck N/A Chris Cole Anatomy Deck $50.00
Chris Cole Riot Deck N/A Chris Cole Riot Deck $50.00

3: Neil Smith

Neil Smith
Sponsors: Nike SB, Blueprint Skateboards, Ricta Wheels, Mob Grip, Slam City Skates
Hometown: London England
Notes: Nollie heel over the car. $1,000

4: Andrew Langi

Andrew Langi
Sponsors: Flip Skateboards, LRG, Vans, Indy, Dakine, Bones Wheels, Mob Grip, Diamond Supply Co., Momentum Ride Shop, Meiste Watches
Hometown: Redwood City CA
Notes: Impossible over the car and a backside 360 over the car. $500

5: Neverton Casella

Neverton Casella
Sponsors: Drop Dead Shoes, Child Skateboards (Apparel), EDG Skateboards, Independent Trucks, Green Skate Shop
Hometown: Cascavel Brazil
Notes: Switch heel over the car. $500