AmsterDamn Am 2012 Skullcandy Best Trick Results

1: Youness Amrani

Youness Amrani
Sponsors: Nike SB, Almost, Venture, Swiss, Mob, Sml Wheels, Helas Caps
Hometown: Hasselt Belgium
Notes: Kickflip manual to feeble grind on the handrail. Check the footage of it here.
Youness Amrani Jean Jullien Lovers Deck Brown/ Yellow/ Pink Youness Amrani Jean Jullien Lovers Deck $50.00

2: Robbin de Wit

Robbin de Wit
Sponsors: Lakai, Sevenply Skateshop, Royal, Girl, Bones, Skate Store NL
Hometown: Gouda Netherlands
Notes: Crooked grind nollie flip out on the hubba.

3: Patrik Mazzuchini

Patrik Mazzuchini
Sponsors: New, Identity, Liga Trucks, Hip, Freeday
Hometown: Caxias do sul Brazil
Notes: Frontside half cab flip front board fakie on the rail.

4: Harry Lintell

Harry Lintell
Sponsors: Volcom Europe, Real Skateboards, Converse
Hometown: Ashford UK
Notes: Front blunt bigspin fakie on the hubba.

5: Kyle Walker

Kyle Walker
Sponsors: Real, Volcom, Thunder, Spitfire, Vans, Active, Happy Hour
Hometown: Oklahoma City OK
Notes: Frontside flip the long gap.
Kyle Walker Signature Griptape Black/ White/ Grey Kyle Walker Signature Griptape $12.00
Kyle Walker Renegade Deck N/A Kyle Walker Renegade Deck $50.00
Kyle Walker Bloom Spectrum Select Deck N/A Kyle Walker Bloom Spectrum Select Deck $50.00