Damn Am Huntington Beach 2012 Best Trick Results at Skatepark of Tampa.com

Damn Am Huntington Beach 2012 Best Trick Results

1: Sebo Walker

Sponsors: Krooked, Spitfire, Lakai, Bones Swiss, Nixon, Stance, Cals Pharmacy, Independent Trucks
Hometown: Salem OR
Notes: 360 shuv to smith grind on the hubba.

2: Alec Majerus

Sponsors: 3rd Lair, Volcom, adidas, Flip Skateboards, Spitfire Wheels, Thunder Trucks
Hometown: Rochester MN
Notes: Switch frontside 270 to frontside bluntslide fakie on the rail.

3: Blake Carpenter

Sponsors: Toy Machine, Nike SB, Independent Trucks, Pig Wheels, Bronson Speed Co., Bro Style, Happy Hour, Castle Bolts
Hometown: Flagler Beach FL
Notes: Nollie heelflip crooked grind on the rail.

4: Paul Hart

Sponsors: Bones Wheels, Colours Collective, Andale Bearings, MOB, Indy, Diamond, Footprint Insoles, Globe, The Block Skate Supply, Asphalt Yacht Club, Earth Water
Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Notes: Nollie heelflip frontside boardslide on the rail.

5: Tim Zom

Sponsors: Ben G, Nike SB, Independent Trucks, OJ Wheels
Hometown: Rotterdam Netherlands
Notes: Backside noseblunt slide on the rail.