Damn Am Atlanta 2013 Red Bull Best Trick Results at Skatepark of Tampa.com

Damn Am Atlanta 2013 Red Bull Best Trick Results

1: Andre Colbert

Sponsors: DC (flow), Four Seasons, Sky High Skate Shop, Sognar, Red Bull, Silver, Rockstar Bearings, Sprayground Backpacks
Hometown: Milwaukee WI
Notes: Frontside tailslide 270 heelflip out on the hubba.

2: Dalton Dern

Sponsors: Theeve Trucks, Lifeblood, Tactics, Power Rider Wheels, Dakine
Hometown: Orlando FL
Notes: Gap melon front smith on the rail.

3: Isaiah Rodriguez

Sponsors: Bones Wheels (flow), Tork Trucks, PDP, Fatal Clothing, One Motion Skateboarding, CLS Squad, Ganja Grip, Empty Handed Hardware, SUPRA
Hometown: Leesburg VA
Notes: Nollie heel crooked grind the rail.

4: Markus Jalaber

Sponsors: Skatepark of Tampa, DGK (flow), DC (flow), Paradise Wheels, Pistol Grip
Hometown: Clearwater, FL
Notes: Half cab kickflip noseslide on the hubba.

5: Yoshi Tanenbaum

Sponsors: Stereo Skateboards, Active Ride Shop, FP Insoles, MOB Grip, Ricta Wheels, Bronson Speed Co, Independent Trucks
Hometown: Jerusalem, Israel
Notes: Backside flip 360 down the stairs, lazer flip the stairs.