Jun 29 2004 3:43PM

Here's an interesting one. This kid Greg Haidl who skated in a Damn Am contest a couple years ago has some rich and powerful dad that's a sheriff in LA or something. Whatever. Well, turns out, him and two of his friends apparently gang raped one of their chick friends who they got passed out drunk. They then accidentally left the video in some hotel or something they stayed at. The staff there found it and was shocked at what they thought was kids having sex with a dead girl, and called police. From the crazy stuff people are posting on his rider profile at DamnAm.com, it looks like his daddy might have gotten him off the hook. Here's a link to the news story about it (caution, they go into very graphic detail on what the kids did, which is seriously tweaked): Greg Haidl Gang Rape Story. What's even crazier is the defense approach his lawyers are taking. Someone please knock this kid and his friends out if you see him.
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