Jul 20 2004 8:58AM

Listen to The Beatles Taxman song while you read the paragraph below (400k mp3 file). Seems some people are confused on the 10% sale thing. Here's how it works. Say you have a $10 item. With sales tax, that's $10.70 total that you pay. During the gub'ment tax free week, if the item meets their crazy ass complicated rules, it will be $10, otherwise it's still $10.70 total. At SPoT, that $10 item would be discounted 10% to $9.00, then when sales tax is added, the price will be $9.63. Obviously, this is better for you because of the lower prices, but it's also better because we are doing it for everything in the shop (except decks), not just certain items that meet Florida's rules. People that are outside of Florida that order online get the best deal - 10% off AND no sales tax. Orders that go outside of Florida don't get charged Florida sales tax. Man, accounting is boring and it really sucks. Enjoy the sale. It will start at 12:01 am EST on Saturday online.
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