Jul 28 2004 2:23PM

Remember that kid who shadowed me a while back? His mom hooked me up with VIP tickets to the Cure show this past weekend. I'm sitting around in the VIP area enjoying the free food and social status and out walks this fat dude that looks like an Elvis impersonator except he's a Robert Smith impersonator. I proceed to make fun of him like, "ha, how many of those dudes are we going to see tonight looking like that?" Turns out the answer is just one - that was the real Robert Smith, aka Fat Bob from what I've heard. I had the camera with me and everything, but missed out on a good photo with the dude who's been singing the songs I’ve been drunk dancing to in the clubs for the last 15 years. Bummer. Don't ever cool guy someone until you know who they are, I guess. The show was sick, though.
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