Sep 8 2004 4:50PM Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Sep 8 2004 4:50PM

It's pretty quiet here today with school being back in and the hurricane of the week being gone. I just got power back last night. For most people, it was just pain in the butt type stuff like that, but for some people like SPoT team rider Matt Coplon, it was much worse. A tree caved in his house and now he and SPoT employee Matt Welch are instant homeless dudes. Anyway, tomorrow a bunch of us are getting on a plane and going to ASR to look and act cool with the rest of the skate industry in the biggest grown up high school cool guy gathering you've ever seen. Watch for coverage of boxing matches, skating, the Eric Koston Game of SKATE, Family Feud style skate games (with a matching giveaway quiz/contest on the site this weekend), and party photos, emphasis on the chicks as many of you are asking for.
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