Nov 12 2004 10:36AM Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Nov 12 2004 10:36AM

The SPoT staff has what's basically a private bathroom here at the Park. It's the one in the Party Room. So basically when someone says they're "going to party," it means they're off to take a big dump in the Party Room. In this week's employee meeting, we had an interesting complaint about the Party Room. Someone on the SPoT staff is wiping their ass and throwing the toilet paper in the trash can instead of the toilet. Yikes. That leads us to a new poll: Which dirt rockin' SPoT employee is wiping their ass and throwing it in the trash can instead of the toilet in the private SPoT kamode? SPoT Employee Swill is the one that brought it up. I think the "he who smelt it dealt it" rule might apply in this situation.
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