Dec 20 2004 7:49PM

Today was one long day, so all I've got is a boring sales pitch for you. I've been spending a lot of time in the ASS (Asian Sweat Shop - online order packing) and here's what seems to be the stuff people are all over. We have a new DVD with some PJ Ladd footage called King of Freestyle's Boston Massacre. The website for the video is right here. We get a ton of orders from girls, and they're definitely digging these DVS Jamie Girl's Shoes. We're just about out of stock on them now, but there are more on the way. We also got Zero's Dying to Live on DVD with plenty of extras like Jon Allie's sponsor me tape and more. Finally, get your Andrew Reynolds Chords and Jeans before the rest of your fellow online nerds sweep them up. Don't forget you can just check the New Product Page out and get this info yourself. Kind of like when you have to do everything yourself when you're in a shop where the employees are too cool to help you with anything. Does that ever happen in our shop? Nah, our employees aren't that cool. They just think they are. So if you're getting crappy service in the shop, make sure you let us know.
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