Feb 20 2005 4:31PM

Motley Crue opened up with Shout at the Devil and closed with a cover of the Sex Pistol's Anarchy in the UK, which I then lost my voice singing to. That was a damn good show and the first one in a long time where I actually felt young. There's a lot of people your dad's age that like Motley Crue.

A bunch of new Visitor Photos have been posted. This "art fag nollie flip" one is pretty sick. Speaking of art fags, you need borrow your sister's purple Apple computer to view Ross Castillo's kickflip down nine footage, or download Quicktime. He had to send that in as backup for the photo because he knows none of you assholes will believe he made it. We need to change the title on the Visitor Photos to something like "Stuff to Hate On" or "Tell These People They Suck." Oh well, keep them coming.
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