Mar 23 2005 9:58AM Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Mar 23 2005 9:58AM

It's a corporation! After a few hundred hours of labor, Skatepark of Tampa gave birth to a 680 pound, 9 ounce bouncing baby corporation named Spotlight Productions, Inc. The corporate mission of this incorporation is a corporate company that will help you run your skateboard event. Someone get me a fuzzy flag to hang from my rear view mirror because this baby's first project is a contest in Puerto Rico. Kr3w hired Spotlight to do the K.R.3.A.M. Contest that's happening in July. Spotlight Productions, Inc. consists of me, Brian Schaefer, Ryan Clements, and Jason Rothmeyer. We will all be there to run the contest. Sketchy flyer guy is already on it with a flyer in yo face. Kr3w is giving away five grand for first place and SPoT is throwing in two spots in Tampa Am 2006 for the top two places.
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