May 4 2005 12:15AM

Today all I did was put everything on hold and write a hell of a lot of computer code. When that happens, you know something nerdy as hell is going down. The latest skate nerd feature to be added to the site is the SPoT Media Coverage Log. I got a press release for some site that someone's starting that will work just like this one, and since I've had this half done for some time now, I went ahead and finished it today. Now when you look at someone's skater profile, such as Chris Cole, you have an assload of information at your fingertips that is sure to waste a ton of your skate time. A skater profile shows the basic info about them along with recent contest placings, recent photos on the site, and now coverage that skater has received in the mags that we log each month. So far, there's just two mags entered, but as soon as I get some data entry help, we'll have plenty more in there. You can also view the SPoT Media Coverage Log grouped by Photographer to see who's coming up on all the shots. Captain Corporate is going to go ape spit over the statistics that data provides. Watch for nerdy rankings and other reports soon. There will also be a Birdhouse online product toss on Thursday afternoon.
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