Jul 6 2005 3:29PM

We are on our way to do a demo at the Tony Hawk event going on tonight at the Forum downtown. Some of the people that work here had to buy their tickets even though we did the Forum a favor and sold them on our site, advertised for them, and had our shop employees push them in the shop. We did all that just as a free favor for the Forum. I would like to thank them for nothing and giving me the run-around when I asked for a pair of tickets. Oh well, that’s just big business I guess. Speaking of big business, I had to get my ticket hook up from Coca Cola of all places through a non-skate friend I have working in the Captain Corporate world. They had stacks of tickets and backstage passes they didn’t know what to do with. Maybe Coca Cola bought the tickets to give away and I’m over-thinking this, but if you’re doing a skateboard event, shouldn’t you hook up the local skateboarding business first? If you’re going to the Huck Jam, show up drunk because it costs $100 to get your party on at the Forum with $8 beers. See you there – I’m not buying you a drink.
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