Jul 17 2005 3:29PM

Just like Tampa Am 2005, everyone knew it was going to be Nyjah Huston in first after his runs in the Finals. Nyjah's first run was: heel flip over the bank to bank, frontside nosegrind the bump to flat bar, frontside bluntslide down the flat rail, kickflip backside 50-50 on the hubba, gap to frontside 5-0 to fakie on the a-frame, back lip on the round rail, tail grab to fakie on the quarter pipe (never seen him do that before), bailed a heel flip frontside boardslide on the round rail. After time, he tried the heel flip front board again and made it. He takes home $5,000 for that. Branen Fitzgerald won Best Trick with a 360 flip frontside 5-0 on the bump to flat bar and takes home $1,000 for that, minus what he lost in hanging with the gamblers. He's like, "Man, I gotta take out the shrapnel." He meant having to resort to change instead of gabling with real paper money. I'd rather lose money to my friends than the casinos here, though. The rest of the story and photos will be up on Tuesday.
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