Jul 23 2005 10:38AM Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Jul 23 2005 10:38AM

We got most of the September issues of the major skate mags in. It's disappointing to see some of the contest hate in some of the mags. The contest jock writers seem to be focusing on the results only. I would have 90% less friends and good times to remember if it weren't for skateboarding contests and events I went to and entered while I was growing up skating. Not to mention getting to skate with and watch all the riders I looked up to in person. I can't even remember and don't care about what places I got or how the judging went, but the contest whiners seem to focus only on that part of it. How can you call contests rigged based on an experience you had from back in the stone age of skating? That sucks. I must say that I rarely read more than the first paragraph or two of articles, so maybe there's more I don't know about. Oh well, all the coverage from the mags has been entered into the CCCP and you can get Captain Corporate's Billboard Top 40 Skateboarding Coverage Charts here to see who the mags are giving the most love to.
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