Aug 25 2005 9:27AM Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Aug 25 2005 9:27AM

Here's an events update:

This Saturday is the Back to School Bash All Ages Contest. Click the link to join in on the crap talking. We should just pick the winners from the list of claimers in the comments. Next weekend is the Vans Downtown Showdown thing where teams get to design their own obstacles. The purse is enough to bring a few more pros out of retirement: $85,000. It's invite only though, and no one gets to see the obstacles until the day of the Contest. I saw the plans for Girl's obstacle and it looks pretty insane. The weekend following that is the ├ęS Game of SKATE at ASR on September 10th. The next weekend after that is Volcom's $20,000 Mini-Ramp Jam at Surf Expo in Orlando. Surf Expo isn't open to the public, but if Schaefer snuck into the Super Bowl twice, I'm sure you can find a way in. It's a busy skateboarding month coming up. I hope my liver can make it through all this upcoming chill time. Coverage from all of the above will be on the site.
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