Sep 23 2005 9:44AM Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Sep 23 2005 9:44AM

I need to spend some time doing nerdy business crap today so I'm sending you to other websites you should know about that aren't on the News Watcher Page. First, check out 411's site. They changed up the format and it now comes with a mini magazine and a music cd with tracks from the video. Next, try to lurk up on some Suicide Girls and your fellow skaters around the world at Ice I didn't realize there were so many chicks on that site. Nice work, Salman. And finally, before you get off the keyboard and on to the skateboard, check out The Skateboard They don't put as much effort into their site as they do their mag, but then again, none of the mags do. The web just isn't that important to skateboarding. On their site you can find out about skate events and other random news, including posts from chief photo guy, Atiba.
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