Sep 30 2005 3:12PM Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Sep 30 2005 3:12PM

The contest doesn't even start until 5pm today, so I've been getting lost in Vancouver for the last few hours. Here's some jacked crap I've discovered about Toronto. They're one of those beer hostile cities. The grocery stores don't sell real beer, only nonalcoholic beer. That's like a skate shop that only sells boards and not wheels. You have to go to a special "beer store" where a case of dirty old Miller Lite is $40. Damn! At the grocery store, if you want a grocery bag for your stuff, you have to pay five cents. What? I'll be finding out what the strip bars are like later tonight if I don't end up hanging out with anyone. What was this post for? Oh yeah, we're showing the 5Boro video here on October 21st. Details are here: 5Boro Video Premiere at SPoT.
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