Oct 20 2005 1:42PM Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Oct 20 2005 1:42PM

LL Cool J said, "Goin' Back to Cali." Wyclef said, "I'll be gone 'till November." I'm saying both. Today Clem and I are leaving for the Goofy vs. Regular Contest where goofy is going to stomp on some regulars. Since Clem is all responsible and stuff, he's coming back on Monday. I'm staying out there through the Damn Am which is the following weekend. At Damn Am, Volcom.com will have a live webcast of the whole contest with sound. You'll be able to email us at the judges stand where the announcer is so you can mess with your homie during his run by telling us to shout stuff at him. What an interactive geek-fest that's going to be. More details on that coming soon. If you're stuck here in Florida dodging hurricanes, the shows this weekend in Transitions Art Gallery have been moved up to next week. The 5Boro video premiere is still on for tomorrow.
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