Phoenix Am 2006

Tommy Sandoval ripped yesterday and got first in the Phoenix Am Qualifiers. We've been hitting up some damn good spots, too. Check out Anton's ollie impossible to fakie. There's more skating going on than partying at this one - I guess that's the way a skateboard event should be. I did manage to get thrown out of another Ramada, though. A few innocent wise cracks about the manager's tie got him pissed enough to have his security meathead take me to my room, have me pack up my crap, and escorted off the property, which landed me back out at the bars. I then had to sneak back into my own hotel room. This is the second Ramada that's done this to me for pretty much doing nothing. Next time I should at least destroy some property or something. The Ramada can suck it. Matt Giles attempted to shoot a sequence with my camera - check out these hips at that bank spot.

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