Captain Corporate's Coverage Patrol December 2006

Ever feel like you’re a complete fag because you’re a little bit TOO much of a skate nerd? That’s what I feel like when I’m entering magazines into the super gargantuan flux capacitor mainframe Awesomeo 3000 computer that spits out the sketchy skateboard industry’s popularity reports. Check out December 2006 Captain Corporate’s Coverage Patrol. I’m a bit behind in entering the mags. There’s actually a few legitimate purposes for doing this, but it’s all too nerdy for me to explain. I’ll just say it’s partly responsible for why I can travel the world playing with my skateboard with my best friends. That’s good enough reason to be nerdy, huh? January and February 2007 are coming up soon. December's media champ is Arto Saari and Joe Brook is once again photographer champ.
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