Felipe Gustavo's Sponsor Me Tape

I watched about 50 “I wanna be in Tampa Am” videos from kids who don’t have legit sponsors to enter them into the event. A disturbing amount of them came with a “skateboard resume.” Yeah, parents actually do that for their kids these days. That pretty much makes me wanna puke. Anyway, only a few made the cut. One of them that was borderline was this random kid from Brazil who won a contest somewhere down there that gave him a trip to Tampa to come watch the Contest. After watching his video, it was borderline. He skates a little slow, has no sponsors, sorta new kid style, etc. even though he had ripping tricks like a switch flip backside tailslide in a line. Since his footage was borderline and he already was coming anyway, I gave him a spot. That kid was Felipe Gustavo and he ended up winning Tampa Am this year. Check out the video he sent in that got him in Tampa Am: Felipe Gustavo's "I wanna be in Tampa Am video."
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