Shooting Blanks

Although we've never sold blanks at SPoT, I'm not sure what my whole stance on this blank boards thing is yet. I do know that if your business has a problem, it's up to you to fix it, not ask your customers to fix it. There's all kinds of stupid little battles going on like this in our sketchy little skateboard industry. The simple minded people just yell out key words like "corporate" and "sellout". This guy who made A World Without CEO's in response to the site A World Without Pros seems to have a lot of valid points. You can find out a lot more about this whole deal and discuss it over at this article on The Skateboard As I always have said, buy what you like, not what some bitter old leopard print pad wearing bowl slashing skateboard business men tell you what to like. If Garanimals and Hush Puppies are making the dopest gear, buy it. No one deserves a profit or a buck just because they know how to kickflip. With skateboarding as big as it is today, there are plenty of goonie ass kooks that know how to kickflip. For some reason, it seems those are the ones that tend to start a skateboard business and emphasise how "core" and "skater owned" they are. In business, you work for it and earn it, just like respect. Hopefully you're not in a position to have to worry about the business side of skateboarding like that anyway.
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