Dude, I'm Getting WASTED!

Yep, it's another party I say I'm not going to...so, see you there Friday night. You'll have the standard day after party story for this one. Let me go ahead and tell it for you...

Your homie: "What'd you do last night bro?"
You: "Duuuude, it was sooo sick, man, I got WASTED!!! Like at a party and s*$#@t"
Your homie: "No way! Was there girls there???"
You: "Yeah dude but they've all banged my friends already so whatever, I was WASTED!!"
Your homie: "Epic bro, where'd you get skrilla for a party like that?"
You: "Ah s$#%t I just took advantage of Schaefer again, s%$@t was all free. I was WASTED bro!"
Your homie: "Duuude, I should have went!!"
You: "Duuude, you woulda been WASTED! WASTED I tell ya! WASTED!"
Your homie: "What you up to tonight?"
You: "Man dude bro what I'm getting WASTED!!!!"
Both of you: [High fives, knuckle bump, ganster hug]

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