Bailout Is The New Black

I wonder if the recession has hit Shaqueefa Threads as hard as others have been smacked. Looks like the film production budget is strong and they remain in the streets as you can see in this Shaqueefa Crew and Friends video containing SPoT Family, SPoT FSEC members (Former SPoT Employee Club), and the one remaining current employee. When you start with a Ramen Noodles budget, there's isn't much to cut back. Our numbers here at SPoT have not been looking the best they ever have either. More on that later. I've been working on all kinds of tech/nerd crap for the site involving subliminal sales pitches to improve the bid'niss digits. For example, now when you add something to your cart, you get a "Things People Buy After Viewing What You Put In Your Cart" list. I stole that idea straight from after buying something there this weekend. Like most sales pithces, it's a 100% lie. That list really comes from us back here in Innetech assigning related products to help make shopping easier for you. It wouldn't sound as cool if I told the truth. Welcome to the sketchy skateboard industry, kiddies. Surprise, the grown ups lie to you, and this is just a little white one. We are also organizing pro products. Anyway, while content here is slow and things are keeping all of us busy, don't forget the News Watcher Page for a nice daily dose of random skate crap. And of course, the best skateboarding viewed on a computer screen is The Berrics.
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