Mexicans (74.69%) Vs. Spaniards (25.31%). Mexicans Win!

This time around, quite a few people correctly predicted all the most popular picks in the Foundation Giveaway that just ended. That's not so easy with these sketchy questions. Would you guess that 444 people out of 648 would rather have a skateboard job than a porno job? Given the choice of getting paid with no hating versus hating all day and being broke as a joke, nearly 90% (574 people) of you picked getting paid and not hating. I would have guessed the other way around on that. Hating is fun. The questions with a homosexual undertone are always hard to call. 429 of you would rather have a free deck than learn a new trick, but only 258 (40%) would give yourself a Dirty Sanchez to win the giveaway. Hmm, if I was a broke ass razor tail rider, I'd probably opt for the Sanchez. Maybe do the ol' stinky pinky so it's less painful? Get the full details and all 648 entertaining comments here: Foundation Deck Giveaway Results. Winners have been emailed. Thanks for the laughs. New giveaway coming as soon as another company steps up with a box.
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