Yep, There's Ice There Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Yep, There's Ice There

I had a much needed keyboard break and am now back to a mountain of email and watching footage of shirtless dudes trying to get into Damn Am. There's a little skate scene all the way up there in Iceland along with some amazing closeness to true nature. It's good to be back and warm and electronic, though. Here are a few photos from my adventure: An Icelandic Chill Cam Dump.
Maybe I should bring my skateboard to the next crazy place. How about Cuba? Isn't it illegal to go there? No way, I'm definitely not going to Cuba with a large crew of fellow skateboard pals to give away tons of skateboards to the kids there because their scene is way worse than the one you have in your town that you complain about. That would be nuts, especially with loyal reader Officer Doofy on dootie. Maybe I can just go to Clearwater Beach and use Photoshop to make it look like Cuba. Sounds like a plan. More on that next week.
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