Old Dirty Willy Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Old Dirty Willy

I was just in the Bowl Warehouse and I heard this exchange take place:

Wet Willy: "In yo face like a can of mace, babayyy!"
Flameboy: "Is it burnin'? Well, f*&^kin' now ya learnin'!!!"
Wet Willy: "How, I don't even like ya motha f*&^in' profile!!"
Flameboy: "Gimme muh f*&^in' s*&t, chi-chi, BLOW!!!"

Not what you'd expect from those two. Maybe they're they're trying win back some old friends? Sometimes it's not always received well when people, companies, or brands try to reinvent themselves. Humans don't like change, they have sticky memories, and they're very unforgiving, especially in skateboarding. I can throw myself in that group for the most part. One thing I can say, though, is when I see a company or brand giving it a good old college try, I'm giving them a high five. Backing people like Shetler and Mike Franklin plus giving some people pretty cool jobs in skateboarding like Charlie Thomas is a good start. If you've been in the Bowl Warehouse recently, you know they're also helping out with getting it to cool down in there. We here at SPoT would just like to publicly thank them for that.
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