Chopped and Screwed Skateboarding Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Chopped and Screwed Skateboarding

Okay maybe all slow mo isn't bad, I'm just in one of my Negative Nancy mood swings. This footage from Josh Butler to get into Tampa Am is a great example of how to get a spot. Hold this footage in the air. Hold your footage in the air next to it. If it looks like you're comparing apples and oranges, keep filming, keep having fun on your skateboard, don't rush yourself, and for damn sure don't huck yourself off a building just for some silly skateboard contest. I appreciate all the footage from everyone. Keep it coming if you think you're ready. There's always Damn Am's, too. They're a little easier to get into since there's more spots and more of those contests. See you at the skateboard shindig. Don't take skateboarding, or anything in life for that matter, too seriously.
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