Making a List, Checking it Twice

Here are some randoms tidbits of information to digest...
  • Vans, Krew, and Supra are new companies joining us at The Moat Show.
  • Neckface is in the building and Schaefer and Porpe are showing you his work here on Twitter.
  • Tampa Am is full, but if you're Jake Johnson, you can still get in last minute. So, see you in Tampa, Jake.
  • Tweet #TampaAm to get your message read by the announcers during the live HD webcast this Sunday at
  • The skate mom that won a trip to Tampa made the Quotes Page.
  • Please get my back when this one dude comes to Tampa to knock me out for not letting him in Tampa Am. More fun with registration.
  • Public Service Announcement: If your career kinda sucks and you think some silly skateboard contest like Tampa Am will save it, you might not want to threaten the person who decides who gets in the Contest.
  • Regarding the above two points, I realize I could be the potential victim of a Larry Perkins scam. Straight up punk'd. If so, I'll show you all the emails after I find out.
  • We got rammed hard in the ASS (Asian Sweat Shop - online order packing) over the sale this weekend. Some of your orders are shipping tomorrow instead of today because we're a little behind. Thanks for using our site.
  • This dude from the Skatepark of Tampa Party Team will be hanging out at Tampa Am.
  • Brazilians are already here winning practice.
  • I'm a small bit concerned about Stalker Steve fanning out too hard on people. Keep it chill, Steve.
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