Eight Hours of Tampa Am Check-In

Here are some random notes I took while sitting in the Shop doing Tampa Am check-ins all day.
  • Chase Webb is here for the first time in Tampa and he's hyped. We're hyped, too.
  • This dude who won the Moat Race last year sent in ripping footage and is now in Tampa Am this year. It's Gustavo Felipe, not to be confused with past Tampa Am winner, Felipe Gustavo.
  • Shawn Hale, Sierra's Top 10 Hawt Skater Boi pick from last year, has not seen her new fake boobs yet.
  • RayRay, welcome to Tampa Am. RayRay clocks the most hours on the ledge here. Looking forward to seeing him in the Contest. He's the only unsponsored person in it.
  • Braulilo Sagas is apparently the "best skater in Chile." He and his friend John are camping out behind the Park this weekend.
  • Luis Perez got left by his ride from Miami this morning. Good luck getting here, Luis.
  • The youngest BTM (bad teenage moustace) in the Contest isn't even a teen. It's Enzo Cautela and he's only 12.
  • David Loy finally cut his hair. His little brother, Ethan Loy, is joining him in the Contest this weekend.
  • Yonis Molina tried to run and get a hat before I snapped his headshot. Check out the first tats he ever got. "I was wasted," he claims.
  • Spencer Lau and David Loy can't stop talking about Sierra's boobs.
  • The Contest is so over full, I'm going to make Vern, Clem, and Schaefer do "one less" instead of "one mores" for people's runs so we can stay on schedule.
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