A Bid'niss Message From Innetech

If you're a sales rep in our great sketchy skateboard industry, I've made a tool that you and us here at SPoT can both use to make sure your company's best products are always in stock here. Email me (rob@skateparkoftampa.com) and I'll get you your private URL and password to access the report. It lists your company's active products with us along with the photo, days since it's sold online and in the shop, and a summary of how well all your products have sold over time. Finally, it shows current inventory stock levels so you can let our buyer know that we need to get more of something in. All numbers are real-time and instantly updated each time a transaction happens. Check out a sample report for the history of Sk8Mafia products below. And speaking of helping your company's products sell, all the banner ads you see on the site on the photo, article, and skater profile pages are on sale 100% off for an unlimited time. Yep, go ahead and sit on your ass like all the other sales reps because a year from now they'll still be free, just like they were five years ago, and 10 years ago, and 10 years from now. The size is 970x100 and there are no moving parts allowed. Save your eyesore for MySpace circa 2001. We only take jpg, no Flash or animated gif.
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