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Once upon a time, there was a skateboarder that did a blunt nosegrab on the cover of a magazine. True story. Making it even worse, it was on something that other skateboarders have done blunt fakies on with no tyke grab. True story. Well, who cares about stuff your dad reads like Pavement Surfer or whatever and Frontside Grind Magazine anyway? Oh, well, this was no "skateboarding should be fun, so you shouldn't make fun of us for being goonies" type of rag. It was Slap in 2007. This dude named Greg Piloto did a blunt nosegrab in the Utah Salt Flats Orange Peel. Who dat? I don't know, but after that cover, he has had no coverage. I like to think it's because the guardians of good looking skateboarding came and hypnotized him into becoming a pro snowboarder where gross looking crap is worshiped. Thank you, guardians. If you'd like to see who else has had the covers of your favorite magazines over the years since I started this gargantuan skate nerd database in 2005, here's the list: Captain Corporate's Coverage Patrol: Covers, Baby!. UPDATE: I've been told that Greg Piloto rips and my pre-judging of him and his trick are wrong. Blunt nosegrabs still suck, of course. Greg Piloto does not. Also, due to the fact that I skipped logging the November 2007 Thrasher Photo Issue, both Peter Hewitt and photographer Joe Hammeke should also be included in the lists below of people with more than three covers.

Since 2005, 11 people have been on the cover of the major mags more than three times, with The Chief being on seven of them: Jamie Thomas (7), Sean Malto (6), Jim Greco (5), Daewon Song (5), Chris Cole (5), Corey Duffel (5), Nick Dompierre (4), Stefan Janoski (4), Arto Saari (4), Andrew Reynolds (4), and Anthony Van Engelen (4).

If you are trying to make a career in skateboarding, I suggest you bro down with these photographers that have all shot more than three covers since 2005, with Mike Burnett shooting an amazing 21 cover photos: Burnett (21), Atiba Jefferson (20), Oliver Barton (16), Shigeo (15), Joe Brook (14), O'Meally (12), Reda (9), Rhino (9), Ben Colen (9), John Bradford (8), Gaberman (7), Blabac (7), Acosta (7), Trinh (7), Who Dat? (6), Mehring (6), Mark Whiteley (5), Morford (5), Zaslavsky (5), Pommier (4), Cronan (4), and Dawes (4).

More statistical analysis to satisfy my urges for pointless information are coming soon.
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