Massacre Results Update

At the end of the year, we're going to do an awards thing for everyone who skates our local contests at SPoT all year long. It will be loose and informal like the Damn Am Awards and held at The Bricks. Those are the Valentine's Day Massacre in February, the School's Out Jam in June, the Back to School Bash in August, and the Harvest Jam in November each year. As part of that new plan, I'm now storing results for those contests in the same way we store events for our top am and pro contests that SPoTlight Productions does, with headshots and a skater profile that has your photos associated with it, contest history, coverage when you start getting up in the mags, etc. I just completed the big giant data entry job to get the Valentine's Day Massacre skater profile, results, and headshots in. Check them here: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Sponsored Qualifiers, and Sponsored Finals. When you look at the photo history on some of the newly created profiles, it's amazing to see how many kids have basically grown up here on the street course at SPoT: Alejandro, Piro, Tyler, Anthony, and Clint are just a few that come to mind. Photos and banter along with Filmer Joe's footage are coming up soon.
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