Someone Do My Job For Me Friday Night Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Someone Do My Job For Me Friday Night

If you're going to the Gasparilla Film Fest Screening of Street Dreams this Friday, we are picking 10 random people that RSVP to be on the list for free admission. I won't be able to make it, so someone please go through the phases of the big night out for me:
  • Lurk out front, crew up with the homies
  • File in, hit the bar, maintain BAC levels
  • When BAC hits target level, proceed with party photos
  • Point camera at feet for foot fetish every 10 minutes
  • Attain memory erasing BAC levels, increase frequency of photo snapping
  • Make new friends as a direct result of said BAC levels, reconnect sober on Facebook the next day
  • Wake up, review photos, talk $h!t on the internet about everyone in the pictures
  • Lather, rinse, repeat
See how easy my job is? Someone take care of that for me. Thanks.
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