Kindness Kills Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Kindness Kills

I have one piece of advice for you on Monday for Wild in the Streets on Go Skateboarding Day. If you get stopped and confronted by Officer Doofy and crew, kill them with kindness. Really. Be polite, calm, not confrontational, and respectful. Listen and look them in the eye when they speak sternly to you. Then when they're done, politely explain your position: You are simply riding a skateboard for fun, exercise, and a method of non-tarball producing transportation. I bet you and Mr. Doofy will both be pleasantly surprised at the outcome. Hopefully. Actually, lately I've found that approach to work much better than the usual defensive attitude. I don't know if that would have worked for these guys, but still. Give it one chance, then if it doesn't work, feel good about resorting to full wisecracks, sarcasm, and derogatory comments. But then again, we're just going to be at Skatepark of Tampa on Monday for Go Skateboarding Day, right? Right. Check back later for further details once the people who are organizing this fill me in some more. On Sunday the day before, see you here along with Andrew Reynolds, Ed Templeton, Bryan Herman, and Marquis Preston for a session with the Emerica team.
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