OMG Free Skateboarding?!?!? Post at Skatepark of Tampa

OMG Free Skateboarding?!?!?

In the hip City of Tampa's longstanding tradition of Go Play Basketball, Go Play Baseball, Go Play Football, and Go Play Tennis days, these facilities have always been free every single day of the year at all times since the dawn of their grandparents who built these facilities, many of which go unused while being lit up night after night. For Go Skateboarding Day, they've taken this single day of the year and made it free. That is so amazing of them. OM f'in G. Thanks, Tampa. We are officially a forward thinking city now. Wait, there's that one free "skate park" downtown, right? It's only like 40 years old. Good thing nothing has changed since then. All the other parks and recreation stuff is that old, too, right? Right. Also, there's currently about 20 cop cars there waiting for us at this "skate park" on Go Skateboarding Day. I bet there were 20 cop cars at the basketball courts during the NBA Finals last week, too, so it's no big deal. Welcome to all you gub'ment officials that are here trying to figure us out today. Good luck with that.
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