Skateboarding's Therapeutic Effects on Children with Autism Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Skateboarding's Therapeutic Effects on Children with Autism

Every time I hear about autism, all I can think of is what an idiot Jenny McCarthy is in starting this campaign about vaccines causing it. Even more sad is how many poor parents believe a tit flaunting celebrity with personality over scientific evidence. How pathetic. Anyway, that's just my side rant. Chris Nieratko recently did an article about A.Skate, an organization that attempts to raise awareness about autism in the skate community. The connection to skating is fascinating. Autistic children are generally not social. They've discovered that showing them skateboarding can bring them out of that. One child Chris mentioned hadn't spoken in five months. After being introduced to skateboarding, he's back to chatting up like a seven-year-old should. Find out more about A.Skate and what they're doing in Chris' article here: A Perfect Fit: Skateboarding's Therapeutic Effects on Children With Autism. Whatever you do, don't listen to Jenny McCarthy. Just look at her in Playboy and move on to the facts when it comes to your children.
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