Let's Do Some Bid'niss Post at Skatepark of Tampa

Let's Do Some Bid'niss

It's almost skateboard trade show time again. ASR is a fantastic reason to revisit San Diego in August. Now that they've partnered up with CrossRoads, if you're still that guy complaining about trade shows, I bet you probably still go to that Disney World one or you're just in bad need of an unjading. Typical ASR scenarios:
  • A late 80's pro started a new company.
  • An early 90's pro has a new rep job.
  • Some wastoid from last year is x days sober.
  • A friend of yours started a company or has a grand idea. Six beers in, he explains why you should buy in.
  • The slutty chick from last year is now trying to get a legit job in the industry.
  • About five kids who seemed to be on the up and coming from last year have completely disappeared.
  • The nerdy quiet dude has too many beers and starts getting loud and breaking stuff. Oops, maybe that's just me. Two years ago.
I love every minute of these. Outside of that, there's the usual skateboard madness, including a bit of random rumor from the streets:
  • CrossRoads is still across the street in PetCo Park on August 13 - 14.
  • SPoTlight Productions is hosting a $10,000 Volcom Mini-Ramp Jam at ASR on August 13.
  • CrossRoads is hosting a $10,000 Best Trick at PetCo Park on August 14.
  • We're even talking about bringing CrossRoads to Tampa at the Cuban Club.
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