Trailer Parks on Fire

About a year ago, I got an email or two about a white rapper that skates. Given the utter wackness in the history of all two white rappers that skate, I laughed and didn't look into it any further. Then I recently saw a video David Loy posted of a skate session he had. It was the white rapper guy, but this time, it wasn't the vert jock and it wasn't the retiree. Nice. From there, I checked his Trunk Muzik album out and although he rips at skating, there were only real short mentions of skateboarding on the whole album. That's a good thing because as amazing as we all think skateboarding is, rapping about it generally comes across retarded. He does have some skateboarding and a P-Rod cameo in his latest video, but it's good because it's not a blatant fake use of skateboarding as a cool factor. He worked with Bun B, Raekwon, and Gucci on his album and is now on Shady working with Eminem. I'm a fan of this dude now. He's Yelawolf and you can find out more about his influences and who else he's worked with on his skater profile and website. Dude's from Alabama, has a twang, and uses a lot of hard/classic rock samples. I'm looking forward to his new work out in March. During Tampa Pro, we'll see it live. Yelawolf was just confirmed for the Tampa Pro Party on March 12. Tickets will be on sale soon. See you here, Catfish Billy.
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